Welcome to the Effort Reporting System

The system is now open for AY22 Effort Reporting.

The Final Reporting period will close on Wednesday November 9, 2022 at 5:00pm.

If you are a business manager with access to complete effort forms, log in here:

If you are a PI or person paid from sponsored funds, log in here to complete effort certification:

Effort Reporting Help Desk

System News & Updates

  • Employees whose FTEs vary over the academic year are not handled correctly by the Effort Calculator. Use this Excel spreadsheet to compute the correct effort percentage: EffortCalculatorForFTEChanges.xls

Additional Resources

  • A list of individuals responsible for effort reporting in each 3-digit Org is available to assist you in collaborating with other departments: Business Managers by Org

  • Additional job aids & training materials can be found at: Effort Reporting at UIC

  • Prior Years" Effort Reports are still accessible for both business manager & certifiers. If you were not responsible for effort reporting in your org last year, please contact ospeffort@uic.edu for access.

  • Business Objects Reports for AY22 - Academic Professional (August 16, 2021 - August 15, 2022) and Civil Service Exempt (August 22, 2021 - August 20, 2022)

    Reports related instructions can be found on OVCR website at: https://research.uic.edu/lifecycle/managing-an-award/effort-reporting/
    NOTE: In order to run these reports, you must have Business Objects software installed on your desktop.

    All payroll transactions through 10/05/2022 are included in the Effort Reporting dataset.

    NOTE: The salary reports on the OVCR website (except where indicated) provide information on all salary paid to individuals, including pay that is excluded from IBS. In order to validate an individual"s IBS in the Effort Reporting System, excluded pay types will need to subtracted from an individual"s total pay. UIC Pay excluded from IBS includes:
    1. Lump sum incentive pay (e.g. Service plans MSP, DSP, NSP),
    2. Overcomp/overload payments,
    3. Awards, fellowships, and scholarships,
    4. Civil service non-exempt, hourly positions, and pre/post doctoral fellows.
    Non-UIC pay (VA hospital, consulting pay) will not be listed on these reports, and is also excluded from IBS.